Saye Baz Serial

Sayeh Baz Persian Series

The Iranian series Sayeh Baaz (سریال سایه باز) is a social, drama, mystery and family series directed, produced and written by Ali Yavar on the home show network produced in 1402; Sayeh Baaz series with mystery drama genre was filmed in Iran and Turkey; Ali Yavar is a director, producer, writer and actor of Iranian cinema and television, who has worked in the television series Operation Raad, the movie The Catching Moment and the movie Behind Closed Doors; He has also directed and produced the successful films Sampashi and Cinema Kher (Mashmesh) in international festivals; One of the main actors of the Sayeh Baz series is Mehdi Hashemi; He is an Iranian actor, director and screenwriter; He has won the Crystal Simorgh for the best actor of the Fajr Film Festival for his roles in two movies with one ticket (1369), Alzheimer’s (1389) and Agha Youssef (1390).

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