Pedar Khandeh

Pedar Khandeh Iranian Show

Pedar Khandeh Series (مسابقه پدرخوانده) has been aired with an exciting and surprising scenario for the audience. In the second season, the story focuses on the takeover of a pirate ship by the mafia, and the main character of the series, Jack Sparrow, wanders between the mafia and the citizens, creating an exciting and risky adventure. In this season, popular and famous artists along with the best. The players of the first season are present as participants in this reality show. This is one of the great attractions of the series for the audience, because they have the opportunity to join their favorite characters from the previous season at the beginning of the second season and witness exciting games and new rivalries inside the pirate ship.

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  1. mahyar


    10.0 rating
  2. فاطی

    مگه فصل جدیدش نمیخواد بیاااااااااد؟؟؟

    10.0 rating